Must signs pact with Chinese university

來源:中國農業大學一帶一路農業合作學院 ? 瀏覽次數:  發布時間:2018/04/13

The Nation, Malawi 20180327 報道

編者按:3月24日,我校校長孫其信率團訪問馬拉維科技大學,在喬洛(Thyolo)與馬拉維科技大學校長Address Malata簽署《諒解備忘錄》,我校將通過加強對口來華留學和短期教師培訓,提升馬拉維科技大學的師資水平,還將與馬拉維科技大學聯合爭取多種政府和國際組織支持,為馬拉維農業發展培養技術推廣和農業管理人才,將中國農業發展的成功經驗和成熟技術介紹給馬拉維。馬拉維全國性報紙《The Nation》對此事進行了報道,本網對英文原文進行轉載,以饗師生。

The Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must) on Saturday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China Agriculture University (CAU) to enhance technological advancement in the country’s agricultural sector.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at Must in Thyolo, CAU president Sun Qixin said China is committed to supporting Must to introduce faculties that will help improve skills, knowledge and techniques for increased productivity among farmers.


Malata and Sun sign the MoU as other officials look on

To achieve this, CAU has promised to work on capacity building and increasing human resource by offering Must lecturers scholarships to study in China and thereafter introduce new faculties at the university according to their expertise.

Said Sun: “We are pledging to support this university in providing necessary equipment and introduce exchange programmes for lecturers and students so that they interact and learn from each other.

“We are also suggesting that we set up a milk processing factory here at Must to help smallholder farmers in value addition.”

In her remarks, Must vice-chancellor Address Malata hailed the partnership, saying the university requires such partnerships to grow.

“We hope to benefit more knowing that CAU is one of the top universities in China and the world as a whole. Although they are an agriculture university, they are very comprehensive on issues of science and technology and we are so excited about this partnership,” she said.

Malata said the MoU will benefit both sides, especially through exchange programmes for lecturers and students from both universities.

Before the signing of the MoU, the Chinese delegates visited the nearby Goliati Milk Bulking Centre in Thyolo where they pledged to donate generators to ease challenges that farmers were facing due to frequent power blackouts.

Opened in 1905, CAU is one of the highly ranked universities in China. 

The Nation, Malawi reported on March 27th, 2018.

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